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The Facebook Ads Optimization Cheat Sheet to Get High-Ticket Clients

Used by hundreds of Marketers and Entrepreneurs to run perfect Facebook Ad Campaigns that reach 1000% - 5000% ROI

“It’s time for you to land high-ticket clients and quadruple your bank account.”



The High-Ticket Client Guy

A Navy Corpsman, an entrepreneur, a marketing badass, a Facebook Ads Guru - whatever title you want to give me know that I’m here to do two things: live my life with massive impact AND push you to be wildly successful. I’ve been delivering premium results for premium clients for over a decade, so let’s get to work.

Who I’ve Impacted

  • “Before Douglas James, we were capping out right around 6 Figures, since we let him take over the Marketing, he helped grow our Transportation business to over $1 Million in total revenue!”

    - Cody Hall, CEO of Lovely Nights -

  • “Never thought one of my patients could help us book appointments for Dental Procedures the way Douglas James has. He allowed us to grow our practice and open a second location. An excellent choice if you are looking for help with automating your patient acquisition.”

    - Dr David Eshom, DDS -

  • “Douglas has consulted Billion Dollar Body which has led to a massive amount of ROI. He helped us do an extra $30,000 in just 1 month! Not including scale. He’s helped us generate 1000s of leads in the Fitness Industry. Getting prospects to book through Facebook Ads seemed unachievable until we partnered with Douglas. He has my highest recommendation for any Entrepreneur that's doing Online Sales.”

    - Nicholas Bayerle,
    CEO of Billion Dollar Body, Speaker, and Success Coach. -

  • “Douglas James took our High-Ticket Consulting to a whole New Level! Facebook Ads was one area where we were not capitalizing, and had wasted over $40,000 in consultation fees with other Agencies. He was the only one that was able to develop a custom plan that booked our calendar helping us acquire 100s calls and sales. He’s our #1 for Facebook Funnels and Ads.”

    - Abdul Samad, CEO of Lions Marketing -

  • “After working with Douglas James for 6 months, he helped us acquire over 3,000 patients for our Chiropractic Clinic and helped generate a total revenue of over 1 Million Dollars.”

    - Dr. Brian Dial -

  • “After just 60 days of working with The Douglas James Team, we were able to acquire 42 New Employment Law cases with each case averaging a settlement in the $200,000 - $400,000 range. The results that Douglas James has produced far exceeds anything we have ever seen before and he has my Highest Recommendation for any Attorney looking to increase their Law Firm's revenue and Client Acquisition.”

    - Zev Abramson, Abramson Labor Group, Los Angeles, CA -

  • “We’ve grown to over $300,000 in monthly spend with Douglas James, he’s helped us do over 7 figures worth of business for my company. It’s been worth every penny.”

    - John Crestani -