"Jesse Aragon onboarded three clients after six months of the program, with one of the clients being on a revenue-sharing basis with a projected revenue of $43000 per month."

JEsse Aragon

"Chris' agency boasts a monthly revenue of $47,000 and shows no signs of slowing down."

Chris Newman

"Natalio onboarded four paying clients with two more in the pipeline within 2 months of joining the program with a projected revenue of $18000."


"David Hayes is impressed by Douglas James' dedication to aiding other veterans. He finds James' passion for this cause awe-inspiring."

David Hayes

"Ashton Wilson hit $50K consistently for over a year and still scaling!"

Ashton Wilson

"Steve Davis hit $15,000 in sales revenue and has several active clients!"

Steve Davis

"Ashton replaces his job working crazy hours in Healthcare and earns $11,000/month with no signs of slowing down!"

Ashton Wilson

"Nabeel scales his own agency to $13,000 per month!"

Nabeel Khan

"Garrett onboards 4 clients and hits $11,000/month!"

Garrett Wilson

"Josh Hits $10,500 in a Single Month!"

Josh Holladay

"Getting to $50K and $100K a month is possible and probable. I've said since joining this program that if you put the work in you will get there, you just have to be consistent with it and it'll work. This is a dream from working crazy hours in retail."

Evan Dawson
"The cost per lead model that Douglas teaches in the Academy is the most successful I've ever used."
Mattai Touma
"I signed up for the program after Covid hit in mid April and it's really showed me a lot of ways to be heavily successful in what I do. With the tools you give, as long as you apply yourself, the sky's the limit on your success."
James Martin
"My major breakthrough was with a chiropractor and I did terribly but I came back later and evolved and he’s still a client today. Now my agency is at $31,700 a month at our best month yet."
Chris Newman
"Originally I didn't sign up to do this as a business but when I saw how much it worked, I thought why not help other realtors around the world too."
Victor Vidana
"My agency is doing around $6 million per year focusing on the healthcare and automotive niches."
Alan Moore
"I decided to niche down and develop my marketing agency. I joined the program in March 2017 and didn’t get serious until a year into it. I did my first 100K just from marketing after landing two whale clients in just 4 months.”
Dominique Taylor
"Within a few months of being in the Academy, I closed my Orthodontist on a $25K a month deal for my first deal because of everything implemented in the program. I joined for financial freedom, for learning a new skill. It’s all about the mindset and that’s what Doug taught me.”
Apostoli Tsilikas
“After a few months I was able to quit Physical Therapy because I was making enough to get by and I learned you have to go all in. Once I focused just on building this business, I started to scale and found my niche. We just did $31K/a month and I’m super excited to keep going. It’s an exciting time to be in the digital world.
Luke Howell
"I joined the program really because I was lost and it gave me simplified systems and processes behind how to run an agency and I actually used it to train my employees."
Zach Hesterberg
"My first client was directly from your templates and within 30 days we had to turn it off because I got them too many leads."
Bill Thompson
"I joined the program really because I was lost and it gave me simplified systems and processes behind how to run an agency and I actually used it to train my employees."
John Wyche
"Finally I found Douglas that actually gave me skills that are valuable to the market."
Johnny Vo
"I'm making $50K per month with what I learned with Douglas's trainings."
Alex Vonderhaar
"In the first 13 I closed my first clients and 30 days from that I made my first $10,000 deal. So 43 days from buying your course to $10,000."
Shan Johnson
"It's pretty surreal, I didn't think it was something that could happen but 8 months later, I just kept plugging away and now I'm making $10K per month."
Ryan Monte

“The only person I trust to give my money to run ads online is Douglas James. He’s crushed it with us”

Mark lack - shorten the gap

“We were only spending $30,000 a month and were able to grow that to $300,000 a month with Douglas James and he was able to generate over 7 figures for my company”

john crestani
“Douglas broke down exactly the kind of ad words to grow and scale my own traffic on Youtube.”
Ryan Felix

“I really appreciate the professionalism and the dedication and absolute focus into what my business needed.”

Bobby F Parihar
“Douglas created a script for me that really made sense and helped me get my message across in a succinct and authentic manor.”
Nancy Angelini
“Douglas coached me in how to ask the right questions so you’re not wasting any time in your business and getting really qualified leads.”
Dr. Phil Smith
“Douglas has really given me a lot of clarity on my funnel, exactly how to sell on a webinar, and how to have confidence when it comes to the sales call”
Lindsey Roberts
“Douglas helped me get the perfect email leads for my avatar.”
Mary Pierce
“Douglas has been able to help me work on my scripts, get super organized within my business taking me from what a thought I knew to 10x my business.”
Dominick Montevani
“If you’re looking for someone that can put all the pieces together, I can’t recommend Douglas enough.”
Dr. Michael Donaldson
“I’ve been working with Douglas with script writing for my ad and he’s very good at getting the exact wording right to reach as many people as possible.”

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