The Dream Team

Annette Morton - Assistant to Douglas James

Annette is a native of San Diego and loves to combine creating with helping people. She has her bachelor's degree in Digital Arts from Stetson University and assists Douglas as an assistant as well as a graphic designer, taking and editing photos, videos, and graphics and managing social media.

Jacky Canete - Customer Care Associate

Jacky has been a Customer Support Guru for the last 13 years. She currently residing in the Philippines and has a B.S in Psychology. Jacky always makes sure that students will be given access right away and finds a solution to any issues that may come up. It gives her great pleasure to watch each student's business profit and grow through outstanding customer support. Any concerns regarding access/logins, billing, password reset, general questions about the Academy, she is in full support, 100%!

Christa Kieffer - Program Support Lead

Christa began as a student of Douglas James, never running paid ads before, and within a few months was bringing on new clients and assisting her fellow students in his paid group. She became his full time tech support point of contact, and then on his white label team. Christa knows all the ins and outs of the course Douglas provides, and is your go to for any questions regarding the program. If you need funnel, back end integration, prospecting support or more, reach out for assistance and she will gladly help.

Beau Ryan - Senior Advisor

After playing Division I baseball in college at ASU, Beau began his career as a financial advisor for American Express. Everything changed however, after he read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. It was then he learned how to get money, assets, systems and people working for you. At 23 years old he built and sold a fitness center, he bought 44 cash flow rental units in the following 24 months, and then found the best lifestyle an entrepreneur could ask for as a digital business owner. Beau has since worked his entire career from home since he was in his early 20’s. He has enjoyed a retirement lifestyle much his entire entrepreneurial life and enjoys spending his free time traveling with his family.

George Apecechea - Program Coach Lead

George is originally from Dallas, TX but now resides in San Diego, CA. Prior to partnering with Douglas, he worked in the education field in various roles such as Music Instructor at a high school and International Student Advisor at the University level. George has known Douglas for over 3 years now and has been working on the team since early 2019 and says it has truly been one of the great joys of his life. It's immensely rewarding to him that he gets to help people reach their goals everyday.

"I am here to help. I believe that Giving = Living. I am very aware of my blessings daily and I know that I am placed on this Earth to impact people's lives."


Armando Rendon - Program Coach Lead

Armando is originally from Guadalajara México and has a Marketing and Business Administration Degree from University of Colima. In 2020 he finished his Master's in Business Administration with an specialization in e-Commerce and Advertising from European School of Leadership in Madrid, Spain. He carries over 8 years in experience with Digital Marketing and online business. His passion is to help students around the world to develop an online business that can lead them to work from home. He loves talking about his entrepreneurial career and marketing experience and everything about digital marketing.

Issa Baiz - Program Coach Lead

Issa grew up in a family of Entrepreneurs and small business owners so he experienced firsthand what it’s like and what it takes for a small business owner to survive and succeed in today’s competitive world. After a decade of success in his own small business, Issa joined the online business industry and has been a coach in the industry for over 5 years. Issa says being a coach brings him a lot of fulfillment and happiness that he gets the privilege every day of helping individuals and business owners overcome their hurdles and hardships by opening their mind to multiple possibilities and solutions. He loves helping them unlock their own potential and guiding them to the best path to success.

Paul Kearney - Program Coach Advisor

Paul Kearney spent 14 years of his life working full-time as an employee in a corporate environment, and within just 5 months he was able to learn a new skill of closing high ticket sales, and become his own boss. He quickly became one of the top producers on the Live Rich closing team, closing more than $100,000 in sales.

Bill Thompson - Program Coach Advisor

Bill has spent a lifetime mastering the art of connecting with absolutely anyone and has helped people all over the world create breakthroughs using simple, yet very powerful techniques that will work for anybody. Bill is one of the top coaches for business development and personal growth in the entire industry. He has taught and trained hundreds of students on how to get their message to the world by unleashing their power within.

"Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great."


Mike Hawthorne - Program Coach Advisor

Mike is a California native, born and raised near the coast in Monterey County. In his 20s, Mike moved north and spent 20+ years living in San Jose, the heart of Silicon Valley, providing technical and customer support for his corporate clients. In 2016, Mike began expanding his skills because he wanted to help support and assist individuals to better themselves rather than their employers, and began training and getting certifications as a coach. He moved to Enterprise, NV in 2018 and joined Douglas James' team in early 2020. He's currently using his skills and talents to help others launch their own businesses and improve their lives and the lives of their families and loved ones. He's looking forward to helping you do the same!

Sebastian Apelbaum - Program Coach Advisor

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Sebastian moved to the United States in 2001 to break free from the 40 hours-a-week office job and allow him to enjoy doing the things he loves. In 2015, Sebastian had to undergo a surgery that left him on bed rest. That’s when he was introduced to the Douglas James Team and immediately he realized that there was something special with this company and that to get what he really wanted, he needed to commit to his goals. Sebastian’s passion for personal development has led him to offer his services as a valued coach since May of 2015. His ultimate passion is to help others achieve their full potential and reach the goals and aspirations they have only dreamed of reaching.

Reno Lopez - Program Coach Advisor

Reno was born, raised and resides in Arizona. He has been a professional and a coach for more than 20 years. He has cooperated with youths, politicians and professionals throughout his career to help others improve their skill sets. Reno received an AA in Electronic Engineering, a BS in Technical Management and an MBA with a concentration in Health Services. Reno has raised 3 children and he spends his time working hands-on as well as facilitating multiple projects such as housing upgrades and restoring 1970’s trucks. Reno spends his downtime with his fiancé and their 3 puppies!

Alex Ramirez - Program Coach Advisor

Alex is a husband and father of 2 daughters. He was born in Romania, and is living in Bucharest. He has degrees in Psychology, Automotive Engineering and in Eastern Christian Theology. On top of that, he carries 15 years of Entrepreneurial experience, 5 years of that in an online business where he’s made over $400,000 in profit. He’s coached and trained over 3,000 students in online marketing since 2016 and is specialized in Facebook advertising and funnels, where he’s invested over $250,000 in Facebook advertising. He has been an International speaker for the last 3 years in the USA, Costa Rica, UK, Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Mexico, and other parts of the world.

Carlos Verdugo - Program Coach Advisor

Carlos is a Chilean Publicist with more than 25 years of experience in the world of marketing, sales, entrepreneurship, and innovation. He initiated his professional career in 1995, when he entered into BBDO while studying Advertising. One year before finishing those studies, he had already created his first advertising agency. In 1997, he founded his second company with the purpose of expanding the use of the internet in businesses and homes. In 2007, he was named as Innovation Director for the “País Digital” foundation and was sales manager for the most important partner of Google in Latin America. In 2014 Carlos decided to leave the corporate world to focus 100% to the world of business online. He has spent the last 6 years as an international consultant and Internet Business Coach, helping thousands of people start their online businesses, and has also trained many of the current existing coaches around the world. Carlos has 3 children who are his main motivation. In his free time, he devotes his time to helping the community as a volunteer fireman, as well as being a rescuer and paramedic.

Carlos Martinez - Program Coach Advisor

Carlos is a single dad from Chicago with 2 daughters & 4 dogs. He’s a Holistic Health Advocate with a passion for helping people. Previously, he worked 29 years in Corporate America.

Akram Hamid - Program Coach Advisor

Akram Hamid has been working online full-time for 7 years and has coached countless top earners in online businesses, making a good living for himself and his family. He comes from an Aviation background as a Commercial Pilot, but has not flown commercially in 8 years as he's found my home online. Akram is passionate about online business because of the freedoms it provides from time to location and of course financial. He takes pride in having connected with over 6000 people online and helped many in starting their own businesses, including his family members.
"As long as you are coachable, I believe I can put you on the right track to accomplishing your lifestyle and financial goals."

Alexander Braam - Program Coach Advisor

Alexander is based in Miami, Florida where he graduated from Florida International University with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in 2014. He has been working in sales since 2008 as well as real estate from 2015-2018. Today, he is an entrepreneur and coach looking to help others do the same. On the side, Alexander enjoys fishing and playing soccer & MMA.

Verdelle Saint-Jean - Program Coach Advisor

Verdelle is a New York native and currently resides there. She has a degree in Psychology from University at Buffalo. She has worked online for 2 years as a conversion copywriter. Routinely, she works in the health & wellness niche to help holistic health doctors remain booked with appointments by fixing landing pages and facebook ad writing. She has amassed an extra $253,500 for a single practice alone in 2020. Verdelle is passionate about online business because as long as you have the drive, commitment and know how to use a computer, she believes ANYONE can do it.
“Working from home through the internet may help create the biggest wealth transfer in history to people who never thought boosting their income was possible without college, if you’re coachable you can be a part of it too.”

Francisco Verdugo - Program Coach Advisor

Francisco is originally from Santiago, Chile and is one of our Spanish-speaking coaches on our team! He remembers being tired of regular jobs and taking advantage of his ability to teach, and he has dedicated the last 11 years to pedagogy and to train motorcyclists during the weekends. All this experience is available to guide our applicants through the process of becoming entrepreneurs and their own bosses.

Troy Walter - Program Coach Advisor

Troy is based in Northern Nevada where he moved to be closer to his family. He graduated from Full Sail University after completing a bachelor’s online in Business Management and Internet Marketing. He has worked in several different areas of sales since starting in 2008 selling vehicles. Today, he strives to help other achieve their goals by pursuing a non-traditional Education to help companies grow using Online Media and Marketing.

“Realize the truth: No one, and I mean no one – not the pope, not the president, and maybe not but possibly Richard Branson – is better than you. They simply know something you don’t know, believe something better than you’re believing, and are doing something you’re not doing. Those are all things you can change very easily.” - Preston Ely


Neil Crisp - Program Coach Advisor

Neil has been in the online space for 8 years and is currently operating his business internationally from the small island nation of Tonga in the south Pacific, with his wife and 4 children.

When he was first starting out in this industry, Neil quickly recognized how important it was to have a great education and mentorship to be successful.  He believes every great entrepreneur begins their journey with the proper training and mentorship and that's exactly what he wants to help provide for you, with his years of experience!


Larry Crisp - Program Coach Advisor

Bio coming soon.

Spencer Ingram - Program Coach Advisor

Spencer is based out of Provo, Utah. Having spent some of his teenage years living in Brazil he saw some of the extreme financial difficulty people are facing in the world today. After returning to the United States he started out in the real estate industry, and through hard work by the time he was just 21 he’d sold over 1.2 million in revenue for his clients. From a young age Spencer saw the greater potential in pursuing non-traditional education and recognized the value Douglas James could provide as a mentor. Since then Spencer has started helping others unlock their potential and work towards their financial goals.
“The more financially established we are, the better our ability to do good”

Sterling Harris - Program Coach Advisor

Sterling is a proud husband and father of 2 boys. He calls Utah home and believes there is nothing better than the mountains and spending time camping, hiking, and rock climbing. Sterling has spent a lot of his life in cabinets and creating some great masterpieces, but his true passion is helping people make life changing decisions and achieve their dreams.

Emanuel Del Cristo - Program Coach Advisor

From and based out of Miami, Emanuel worked his way up from being 1 of 5 interns in a 1 year internship to land a job at an inbound call center for a leading telecommunications company. He also moved vertically within the company, shifting to retail for a few months, being the #1 store rep on his second month, but quickly found out the phone is where he belonged. He's licensed as a loan officer and planned to pursue that full time but he found more fulfillment as an enrollment advisor and the direct impact he can see in the lives of students. 


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