Why Facebook Advertising is a Must for Your Business

The challenges of running a small business are seemingly never-ending, especially if you’re a solopreneur trying to wear multiple hats at one time. In these circumstances, identifying ways to ease the burden and increase efficiency is a must. And in no area is this more obvious than in marketing and selling your product or service. Enter Facebook advertising. There are … Read More

Tips for Growing Your High Ticket Sales

Variety is the spice of life. You’ll find quite a bit of variety in the business world — everything from companies who fix refrigerators to solo entrepreneurs who make a living advising the world’s largest brands. And just as the focus of one business can differ wildly from that of another, so can the price of their products or services. … Read More

Do You Have the Entrepreneur Mindset?

Talk to any professional in any field. It could be an NFL quarterback. It could be a newspaper reporter. It could be a surgeon. Ask what makes them successful, and more often than not, they’ll tell you it all starts with getting into the right state of mind. Adopting the right mindset. Getting themselves into a place where all thoughts … Read More

Are You a New Entrepreneur? You Need to Hire a Mentor

The road to success is riddled with the bones of solo business owners who thought they could do everything. And perhaps history sets unrealistic expectations for entrepreneurs. Countless stories are told of those who built a company from the ground up, doing every job under the sun before their hard work finally paid off. The desire to live out a … Read More